Vineyard Student Union

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Client Vineyard Cincinnati
Springdale, Ohio

The Student Union houses the junior high and senior high population of the Vineyard Church. The youth pastors wanted to create an urban and energetic feeling in the space. By renovating an existing warehouse, the design embraces the bones of the structure and enhances it by utilizing common materials such as stained concrete flooring and countertops, overhead doors for classroom openings, corrugated metal siding for fronts of reception and café counters, and chain link fence for a basketball court in the middle of the open area. The space also includes offices, two auditoriums, recessed pit areas for small groups and a snack bar area. The furniture design is fun, colorful and moveable for easy reconfiguration. The project was completed in conjunction with HiFive Construction Services.


Location: Springdale, OH

Size: 29,100 Square Feet

Services: Architecture, Interior Design and Contract Documents


Visit Vineyard at www.vineyardcincinnati.com